Trycon Logistic Consultancy offers completely new perspectives for your Supply Chain Management. We develop and implement individual logistic solutions along the value added chain with a clear focus on traffic shifting concepts.
We possess a long time experience in development and management of complete logistic networks, which mean; we are committing ourselves as an integral part of your logistic processes and accompanying you during the successful implementation/conversion of new or improvement of existing networks.

We have our emphasis on elimination of system related disadvantages of the different modes in multimodal transport but on the efficient use of the respective advantages, considering the whole transport chain and its interfaces.

We offer you:
- tailor-made solutions
- optimised handling of interfaces
- coordination of all cargo movements
- procurement and suppliers management
- save cargo transport and freight security management
- automation concepts for the cargo handling
- planning, implementation and operation of transhipment sites
- integration of all courses in one business process

TRYCON is not fixed on a certain transport system or mode and is independent of all networks. This is your guarantee for an absolute neutral assessment and handling of new logistic solutions.

Long term success in business is the focal target. It is only reachable if our clients possess an efficient logistic according to expectations and values. That’s why it is our program not only to consult but being actively involved on implementation of the concepts for a successful operation.

We accompany you on the way to a successful future