Quality is and will always be an essential if not the decisive factor for competition.
To meet your own objectives, and those of your clients and also other partners, a reliable management system, focused on quality management, is indispensable.

Of course every company has a very high opinion of the quality of its own products and services, but nevertheless, more and more often a quality proof is asked for.

Thus the market enforces on very many companies the foundation and introduction of a QM-system according to DIN EN ISO 9000 ff. Apart from these external factors, however, this process is triggered off in particular by management plans on how to secure the future of one's own company.

Quality management (QM) is the systematic orientation and controlling of all company activities to quality

QM increases:

- Competitiveness and performance
- Profitability
- Safety of products
- Quality of processes and organizational structures
- Customer and employee orientation
- Motivation of employees

QM reduces:

- Loss of customers due to sub optimal performance
- Costs
- Complaints
- Defaults
- Expenditures for later improvement
- Loss of revenues

Quality Management is especially for smaller and mid-size companies the key success factor to survive competition with major enterprises.

With a lived Quality Management System you will always be successful!

TRYCON Quality Management will give you comprehensive support in founding, implementing, auditing and servicing your QM system



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