SQAS neu

New SQAS – Questionnaire „Transport-Services“ + „Tank-Cleaning“

After the new SQAS Questionnaire “Transport-Services” is now valid, also the new SQAS Questionnaire “Tank-Cleaning” will be established. Both questionnaires now have the same structure wherewith a basis has been established for far-reaching SQAS – Assessments.

These new questionnaires are, opposite to the recent changes, not comparable anymore with the versions dated April 2003 resp. November 2004. The total base and the targeting have been completely revised, to from now on assess the total link of the “Supply-Chain-Management” with all shades of the modern transportation business.

Furthermore, the new questionnaire is made up of not only 6+2 but 11+2 chapters.

This results in significant changes for already assessed companies and the existing SQAS processes and documentation. For companies who apply to get SQAS assessed it will be much more difficult to make use of existing EN ISO 9001:2000 documentation as a basis for the SQAS – System; this due to the fact that the still existing reference to this international norm will not exist anymore.

This is justified by deleting all QM – elements from the new questionnaire to eliminate overlapping with this standard and keep EN ISO 9001:2000 as an important management tool alive.

As an experienced SQAS – Assessor, I have been involved in developing this new SQAS – Questionnaire. Therefore, I would offer all support needed, to develop your SQAS – System including the adjustment of the new requirements, to result in the successful assessment of your company.

We are able to prepare your company for the specific requirements of the new SQAS – Questionnaires and take care of a useful and praxis oriented connection with your
EN ISO 9001:2000 System.

To design the future just today!